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Nora's Naturals Coffee

Nicaragua Organic Jinotega coffee is produced by a family of multi-generation farmers in the Cordillera Isabella mountains. The ecologically diverse location consists of five national protected forest reserves: Volcán Yalí, Cerro Datanlí El Diablo, Peñas Blancas, Cerro Kilambé and the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve.

The family farm, Finca La Isabelia, takes immense pride in each phase of production, taking their variety of bourbon, caturra, catuaí and catimor trees from cherry to final export. This lot of Nicaragua Organic Jinotega coffee is handpicked, washed, sun dried, graded microlot and Smithsonian Bird certified. The Nicaraguan farmers as a whole have long been sensitive to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, and use methods that prevent soil erosion, deforestation and water contamination.

Nora's Naturals Elixirs

Nora’s Naturals has worked with Ph.D. chemists and master herbalists to craft remedies that naturally enhance energy, increase cellular turnover, elevate focus and create repairative sleep.

Bringing together science with sustainability, the powerful ingredients are sourced from farms and foragers around the world that utilize organic and sustainable practices to source our therapeutic botanical ingredients.